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Bronze Package
The lowest priced package we offer. It consists of placing and rolling a fresh layer of asphalt over your existing one. In our trade, we call it a resurface, but we've heard people call it recapping, overlay, or new blacktop: it's all the same. Some driveways are a good candidate for this, especially if you have a newer home. Chances are that your driveway base wasn't given enough time to settle. In which case, it has probaly dipped and/or sunken in areas. Sometimes an old driveway with few cracks in it, could benefit from a Bronze package. In any case, it comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty, i.e., the asphalt itself. Since resurfacing is a "hit or miss" (it's only as good as the asphalt it covers), we can't offer a workmanship guarantee. However we do promise to do the best job we can. This includes: removing all weeds, spraying pesticides, cleaning the surface, applying an industrial adhesive to ensure proper bonding, and an even surface of asphalt to ensure proper water drainage.

If you're looking for a better warranty, you'll have to look into the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Packages.

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